Joseph R. Hayes, Esq. 
    Attorney at Law

Hayes Law, PLLC

Serving the Bear Lake Valley

Joe grew up in Southeast Idaho and spent a great many of his summers in the Bear Lake Valley. Descended from early Bear Lake pioneers, his roots run deep in the valley and he, along with his family, are excited to be coming back. Joe started practicing law as a student at the University of Idaho College of Law and began practicing on his own as soon as he passed the bar. Surprisingly, it was his wife, Kristen, a native of Northern California, who first seriously suggested they settle their family in the Bear Lake area. He started his own practice in 2014 and in the summer of 2015, following the birth of their fourth child and second daughter, he moved with Kristen and their children to the area. They are so grateful for the many many friends, neighbors, and strangers that have been so welcoming and helpful in getting them settled in.